E. Pauline Johnston

Born on March 10, 1861 at her family home Chiefswood at the Six Nations reserve outside Brantford

- Published numerous times in newspapers and magazines early in her career

- Writer and performer of theater productions

- 1895 The White Wampum - a collection of her poetry

- 1903 Canadian Born

- 1911 Legends of Vancouver - tales and short stories related to her by Joe Capilano, a Squamish chief

- 1912 Flint and Feather

- 1913 The Shagganappi and The Moccasin Maker

Steam Engine: Countess of Dufferin
Type: 4-4-0 American

- The engine arrived on a barge pushed down the Red River by the steamship Selkirk. Manitoba had no train tracks laid.

- First locomotive to operate in Manitoba and on the Prairies

- Assisted in construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway’s Transcontinental line.

- Named after the wife of Lord Dufferin, Canada’s 3rd Governor General.